- - Yalden - If You Don't Like Me

Yalden - If You Don't Like Me

Yalden - If You Don't Like Me
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  • Длительность: 2:50
  • Опубликовано: 21.11.2021
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Клип и текст:
Nightcore If You Don't Like Me Chloe Adams

All my life I have been
On the out looking in
Never had a bright side
Afraid to show my dark side

All the times that I tried
But fitting in just backfired
Sometimes the things that break you
Can be the things that make you

And its for the best cos of what happens next
So cut me with your words
You won’t see me bleeding
Strangle me with rope
You won’t stop me breathing
I’m dancing in the rain
I’m okay
I’m who I want to be
And I’m not sorry if you don’t like me

I’ll fight the wolves and the hounds
Through the ups and the downs
If no one wants to know me
I’ll be my one and only

Oh, so you tell me I’m the queen of nothing
So you say I won’t amount to anything more
I’ll leave those voices at the back door
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