The Weeknd - Sacrifice

The Weeknd - Sacrifice
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Текст песни
I was born in a city
Where the winter nights don't ever sleep
So this life's always with me
The ice inside my veins will never bleed

Every time you try to fix me
I know you'll never find that missing piece
When you cry and say you miss me
I lie and tell you that I'll never leave

But I sacrifice
Your love for more of the night
I try to put up a fight
Can't tie me down

I don't want to sacrifice
For your love
I try
I don't want to sacrifice
But I love my time

I hold you through the toughest parts when you feel like it's the end
'Cause life is still worth living
'Cause life is still worth living
I can break you down and pick you up
And fuck like we are friends
But don't be catching feelings
Don't be out here catching feelings